News service app Way2 hits 500 million views

HYDERABAD: Short news service mobile application, Way2 has reached 500 million views per month in a short span of three months of its launch.

The achievement is a validation of the unique model and indicates the potential regional languagebased news platform has in this country, Way2Online, a leading new media organisation, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Launched in December last year, Way2 offers news snippets in eight local languages, besides in English. It has seen a 300 percent growth in its daily active users in the last three months.

"News on the move is fast catching up with the young generation, who intend to stand connected with the latest happenings from around the world. Considering the lifestyle and time constraint among the users, we developed a format that is unique in nature and offers optimal information to its consumers," said Raju Vanapala, founder and CEO of Way2.

"Available statistics indicate that every user on an average flips through 50 stories per day; and every day there are 18,000 new Application downloads," he added.

According to available statistics, over 70 percent of the total traffic on the app comes from the local language consumers. So far, the Way2 App has reached 6.5 million downloads while at least 650,000 visit the app every day.

Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi and Bangla are the eight regional languages which bring in visitors to the App.

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LearnSocial: Learning takes a digital leap

Hyderabad based startup Way2SMS, which had earlier worked its way into the free and unlimited SMS business, is on a new journey. After his maiden successful venture at, Raju Vanapala, founder and CEO, is upbeat about his second venture called Founded in 2006, was India’s first free text messaging portal that also allows you to chat, get email and social media alerts. But online education has got its attention now.

“It was a risky business initially, as balancing the cost against revenues was a big challenge. But I decided to take the risk as a challenge and soon, there was a runway success,” says Raju.

LearnSocial operates in the online learning space and offers live instructorled online courses on a wide range of topics including technology, languages, business management, robotics, arts such as music, editing, and many others. The platform equips each trainer to deliver a special learning experience to any individual from any remote corner. It has partnered with over 200 experienced experts to teach on this unique learning platform.

India’s online education market size is set to grow to $40 billion by 2017 from the current $20 billion. Emerging technologies like cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way learning content is being produced and consumed, he adds.

Raju Vanapala is a first generation entrepreneur who is passionate about web and mobile revolution. Driven by his passion, he founded LearnSocial. He looks after the operations and is responsible for strategic plan to drive the business ahead. Equally passionate about India growth story, he aspires to contribute to the emerging India. His objective being to answer the much debated topic “why not Google and Facebook from India?” with his successful ventures. Raju Vanapala also dreams to create a billion dollar company in India in the internet space. is a fast growing online learning marketplace for instructorled and selfpaced courses. This unique platform aims to become a nucleus of learning where students, job seekers and professional can learn new things.

The platform has passionate industry experts instead of professors to train learners online through live sessions. The students can learn from anywhere with 1 Mbps or lesser internet connectivity.

“The edutech space has a lot of opportunities and we started, a platform where anyone can discover and learn anything,” Raju says. The core offerings of the platform are realtime interaction between learners and instructors which enables twoway communication between both the parties.

The instructors can share their screen with the learners and the learners can ask questions/queries/doubts from the instructors through chat or audio communication during the session. The students will experience real learning through assignments and assessment modules and project works and case studies.

On the revenues front, Raju says that LearnSocial is profitable as of now. “We are looking at series A funds of about $5 million which is expected to be closed in the next three to six months. We do not want to build any lifestyle brands, we are a midtier commerce portal. The way forward is ecommerce and education through LearnSocial and make it as a global entity,” he adds.

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