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Our story so far

February 2017
Woo hooo! We now have 100 million patrons and we understand their preferences and interests at a granular level. Way2online is now India’s largest martech company!
December 2016
We added intelligence to our systems and frameworks across the organisation. It proved to be a runaway success with remarkable engagement across campaigns.
March 2016
We added another feather to our cap! FindYogi was acquired to get deep understanding of Indian ecommerce audience interests
February 2016
Within one year of international operations, we now had 30 million patrons in US
January 2016
We started unifying data and transformed data as an instrument for granular level targeting at enterprise level
July 2015
In less than 3 months of International operations, we grew to 5 million patrons in UK
April 2015
It was time to go global! With exclusive partnerships, international associates Way2online email marketing & sms services were launched in US & UK.
February 2015
Another feather in our cap! Over thousand brands were now using our services for their data driven marketing needs.
December 2014
Guess what!! From a 5 member team in 2005, we had now hired our 200th employee.
June 2014
With a user base of 65 million people, we had now become the undisputed leader in data driven email marketing & sms services in India
April 2014
Yay! We were now on mobile. We donned a new aavatar, a super awesome Way2online app was launched.
August 2013
We were now a big fat family! 50 million people started using our products in India, an impressive y-o-y growth
January 2012
Things were awesome! But we wanted something extraordinary and its time for acquisition! Acquired 160by2.com. Total people using our products reached to 32 million
September 2011
20 million people started using our product and we became a household name across India
September 2010
It was now time for adventure! We forayed into data driven email marketing & SMS services working with leading brands
April 2010
With leaps and bounds growth looked seamless! We now had 10 million patrons
March 2009
Way2online family became big with 5 million people using our products
May 2008
We hit the 1 million user mark in just 3 years
December 2005
We were ready to take the world by storm. Way2sms.com was launched
August 2005
It all started in a small room. The idea of free sms was just born

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