We save marketing dollars to brands through our audience solutions and data intelligence

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100 Million People & Counting

Creating spectacular engagement for any brand & agency on a scale is a challenge! With access to more than 100 million people and more than 3000+ granular level targeting parameters, Brands and agencies can be assured of impressive engagement even on large scale.

11 Years into Digital

For more than 11 years, we have transformed hundreds of brands and helped them to engage with people through our remarkable audience solutions. We used our marketing prowess to elevate various brands and make it a household name by helping them establish a loyal customer base.

Adding a little over 30 Billion Data Points every day

Deploying unique and relatable marketing campaigns with remarkable engagement is a key to any campaign. To steer every single campaign towards success metrics, we add close to 30 billion data points every single day to our data management platform for targeting your audience.

Sending 3 Billion Emails per Month & 2.1 Billion SMSs per month

With our unparalleled technology in building scalable and reliable infrastructure, we send more than 3 Billion emails and 2.1 Billion SMSes per month. Brands & agencies can always stay ahead of the game by making sure that their campaign will always reach out to their target audience.

Unified Customer for Saving Your Dollars

With our deep understanding of people across platforms, we have unified & enriched data across various platforms to save valuable time and effort for brands and agencies.

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