We drive effective results for brands and connect
them to the most relevant audience

Digital is a chaotic medium; A vast canvas that can be painted
only by an artist inspired beyond imagination!

We design eclectic online destinations for the most
fervent youth

We create unique consumer experiences through innovation on the internet

We are driven by curiosity!

About Our Group

  • Way2Online is India's leading new media organisation that provides cutting edge unique experiences to consumers through our sites and innovative ROI driven solutions to our clients
  • With over 52 million registered user base and 3 billion page views per month we excel in providing innovative and kick-ass sites that keeps our registered base coming back for more. Over 50,000 new users register across our sites every day
  • Vibrant and youthful, our young audience continues to help us grow virally and exponentially
  • Our chemistry with our user base gives an added leverage to our media and corporate clients in understanding and reaching out to the right target audience with unique and differentiated communication for high returns

Our Guiding Principles

  • Excellence for us is a habit; it’s the attitude
  • We define high quality in whatever we deliver - WOW experience for our internal and external customers
  • We believe excellence is not just perfection but continuous improvement
Drive for Results
  • Our goals are sky high and our execution well planned
  • We are in control of our goals, we monitor and make timely course corrections
  • We are deeply accountable for collective performance
Trust and Transparency
  • We focus on open and clear communication
  • We don’t leave anything to imagination – we ask when in doubt
Value People and Relationships
  • We may disagree yet respect the diverse competence and talent around us
  • Our constant endeavour is to connect and build strong and meaningful relationships
  • Our tasks don’t become easier; we nurture our talent to aspire for excellence
  • We maximise our contribution and cut the loses short in timely manner
  • We wear our good performance on any given day; it’s not for weekend casual dressing